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Bureau and workshop

About us:

PUFFIN’S bureau & workshop® is a small chamber workshop where are created leather goods paying special attention to textures, colors, shapes, ergonomics, reliability and durability. We combine skilled manual craft work with modern material processing methods and technologies to obtain perfect quality and to provide the products special shapes and pattern which are impossible to obtain using machine tools.

When you purchase leather goods by PUFFIN'S® , you get a unique product, which is created with attention to every detail. Our quality is our passion! In our production we don`t use anything "like ..." or "similar to ...", we use only original things to get a really honest product.

We use only high-quality materials and accessories, thoroughly selected from the best world manufacturers. Every detail of our leather goods is finished manually. We use only time-proved metals such as bronze and brass. Any alloys or coatings.

That's why our solid bronze and brass components will only get better with age, won't break and rub off, and will acquire a noble patina. And we hope that your children and grandchildren will be able to use these goods keeping tradition of your family.

Only natural full-grain leather from the best manufacturers.

Manual painting and giving of a necessary color and texture to each product. It is what make absolutely unique each unit of our products. As the nature create each human unique, and we create our products unlike others by means of brushes, paints, waxes and our hands.

Shoulder straps for our briefcases and bags is what we pay special attention to. We use only the high-thickness quality leather, without any textiles. We invented special technique of a glassage to give a natural gloss for our straps and belts. Each set of shoulder straps for transportation is packed into a separate protective bag for safety.

All rivets, screws, rings, buckles are made of brass and bronze. The specular gloss is reached by manual polishing, but not a cheap coating. Such luxury afford only a small amount of the most known world labels presently.

Precise brass locks from the best European factories with long experience of manufacturing. Without any coating. Only polished or satin brushed

High-quality and long-lived YKK zipper.

The brand signs cast from brass and polished manually.

A manual saddle stitch for the extra durability of some details.

Manual polishing by natural waxes adds special noble gloss.

Protective bags made of natural cotton to prevent scratches during transportation for every product.

Original design of our products, without any copying and imitating. Only the aspiration to get the most convenient, qualitative and esthetic goods.