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TERMS and Conditions


We use exclusively genuine leather of different types, different thicknesses, and different texture. Each item is custom manufactured and has its own distinct peculiarities just like a canvas painting, for instance. An exclusive texture and particular color tinctures, the vintage effect and brass assessories – all these features ensure our products’ uniqueness. Color tones may differ from the pictures on your device screen depending on its type and color rendering ability. In any way, we are trying to perform our work the best way possible, and if you like our products in the pictures, you will most certainly like them under real circumstances as well. Leather is a natural material possessing a somewhat heterogeneous structure. It is not plastic or vinyl, so leather may have natural imperfections, possibly folds, wrinkles, and other marks like any other natural material. The patina effect on all our products is always attained manually.

We are constantly striving to improve our products. That is why some minor changes may be traced in the products when compared to the pictures on our website. If any particular part is very important or crucial for you and can anyhow affect your decision to purchase this product, let us know about it, and we will send you a picture of the currently available product which can be purchased right now.


Our leather products are manually polished using natural waxes and covered with a special composition to give depth to the color, brightness, and light moisture protection. They need tender and careful use to serve you as long as possible. Avoid exposing leather products to rain, snow, chemical, or corrosive substances. Our products are designed and manufactured to serve you long. We use the best materials and take care of your comfort, hoping that our products will bring you joy for many years running.


Since most of our products are made to order, on an individual basis, we can accept the merchandise back only in case it has some production issue or defect. We will repair it as soon as possible or replace the item with another one available in range upon your approval if it is impossible to repair. All our products pass a strict quality control before shipment, so the probability of such a defect is extremely negligible. Necessary requirements for a return: the product should not have been in use or have usage signs like scratches or scrapes. The product must have its original appearance with no changes, and the packaging must be returned undamaged in its original condition.

In case the product is stamped with a personal monogram of your choice, such product is not subject to return as it is considered to be manufactured to your order. If the manufacture of the product implies a change in the standard design of the product or the use of non-standard materials at the buyer's request - by type, color, composition, etc., then this product is also called custom-made. Such differences from standard products are indicated when ordering goods. Our products are carefully verified according to many criteria, but if the buyer wants, he can make such individual changes under his personal responsibility. The cost of such changes is negotiated individually. Products with individual changes are considered to be made to order and are not subject to return. We wish to remind you we are eager to make everything possible for you to be satisfied with your purchase, and therefore, we carefully check our products for any production defects.

In case you purchased the product in our store, and it was not manufactured to order, you have the right for a full refund within 14 (fourteen) days if you do not like the product – no penalties or commission fees apply. However, please mind, we will fully refund the order, but shipping cost in both directions will be completely at the buyer’s expense.

Products sold at a discount cannot be refunded since any discount scheme is a usual way to encourage a buyer to make a purchase during a specific period of time (for instance, during a holiday season). Moreover, the two-way delivery, as well as the return process, may take quite a long time. Therefore, if you are not sure in your choice right now – take some time off and make an order when you are completely sure. You should be happy with your purchase, and you should spend your money on things you really like.