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The basis of our products lies primarily in our principles.

We prefer doing over trying. We reject compromises and do not pay any attention to stereotypes. We pursue aesthetics in every single detail, at every single inch and appreciate the luxury of the genuine, timeless things, above all. We prefer quality over quantity and do not hurry up to outrun everyone or make more. In the race with the time with an eye to the future, we prefer genuine things and relish every moment with them.

Nowadays, when all natural materials become a luxury, and when wood is replaced by something resembling the color and texture of wood, when food is replaced by something reminiscent of the flavor of food, and when lots of things become disposable, we feel cravings for something real which is pleasant to touch, and desires for smell which is pleasant to scent. We need something that brings aesthetic pleasure and would serve us for a long time… and we would not have to spend precious time to look for a new thing which would replace a broken or torn one. That precious elusive time can be spent on communications with close friends and our beloved ones or on creating something necessary and useful to society and your family, as well as for discovering something new and unknown. Perhaps, that is the reason why we that much reluctantly part with already familiar things even when they are worn out but are still functioning the way they should having passed the test of time. Just remember how nice it is to find old things belonging to your loved ones, for instance, your grandpa’s camera which he used to take pictures of your still young granny, or come across an old turntable in the attic, remove dust from records which were long ago collected by your parents, and to the music of which you learned to walk... It is inexplicable, but these feelings just cannot be compared to touching a new smartphone or the latest TV model made of a new kind of plastic. It is exactly like the real noise and smell of the sea can never be conveyed by any cinema technology, or a tactile touch of any imitating synthetic materials will never resemble senses you get touching real wood or genuine leather. The sense of genuine things like real taste, smell, touch, or live communication can never be substituted with something even very, very similar.

Over the years, we often recall simple moments from our lives, because they are real, they are ours. At the same, no one recalls some film episodes about someone else’s story. When we make effort to be like someone or do things like someone in the advert leaflet, we risk of losing our own distinctness and identity. Only a few have the nerve to follow their own path. Though, such and solely such individuals will be rewarded with the chance to create their own story.

Let us live our own real life, experience our own real feelings and emotions. Let us make our own, not necessarily immense, but our own discoveries revealing new sides and facets of the surrounding world. Let us create our own family values ​​and traditions! After all, natural emotions and natural senses make our life bright, distinct, and real!

E pluribus unum futurum fortunatum in nonideality ...