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With a briefcase by PUFFIN'S bureau & workshop® you can afford to be in classic brogues, deliberately careless sneakers, in a strict suit, or in a shirt, move on the back seat of a Bentley or driving a roadster ... - do not create artificial frames for yourself. Be unique every day!

Learn the world, enjoying its beauty and perfection and do not refuse to yourself convenience with backpacks and messengers by PUFFIN'S ®. They are not so perfect as the nature and the whole world, but we strive for harmony in every single detail.

Convenience, reliability and practicality first of all? Esthetics, restraint, refinement? It is not necessary to look for compromises, just trust in own feelings, and you will not be mistaken. Gorgeous luggage bags and suitcases by PUFFIN'S® for comfortable travel or for business trip.

Wide masculine belt or elegant and ascetic. A belt for a dress or trousers. Classical form of a buckle or embodiment of daring ideas. Only premium leather. Only long-lived brass. Only manual processing with unique patina effect technology and giving of a necessary color shade and texture. All this is designed to give pleasure from use of your favorite thing long and if you want - carefully to transfer to the next generation of your family.

The universality can sometimes be beautiful. It is difficult, but it is possible. The folder for documents, a stylish cover for your MacBook or a clutch on an informal meeting. Begin to think unconventionally and people around you will follow your faultless sense of style.

Handmade leather long wallet, functional alligator leather card holder, personalized keychain with brass snap hook ... Hand painting with patina are still one of the many distinguishing features of PUFFIN'S® products.

A set of socks really the right comfortable length. Design by PUFFIN'S bureau & workshop®.

New models, new shades and textures, new ideas...